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I echo many other comments regarding Coach not having replacement straps for their bags made with patent leather. I took three products that I had bought as a set at one of their factory outlet stores because the leather straps cracked. No apologies given or offer to discount a store product. I was told that they knew it was a poor product and there was nothing they could do. No apology given. I will not be buying any more Coach products. I... Read more

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Ordered a pair of Disney X coach sneakers white size 8B. They Billed my Account immediately' however, COACH NEVER SENT THE SHOES?! I've called customer service multiple times. They said the shoe was out of stock and apologized and stated they would cancel the order. Up until a few days ago the 8Bs were still available. How bizarre is that? Yet they have none in stock at their warehouse or on their stores?!? To date the amount I was charged is a... Read more

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I called Coach and advised them of a defect with a pair of shoes I received for my birthday and how disappointed I was. The customer service representative first stated their warranty for 60 days and then said "That does happen". I could not believe this response when I told her it was a defect with the shoe. There was no empathy statement and no resolution. I was hoping I may be able to possibly send in for repair or something. I loved... Read more

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Bought a small purse to use when going someplace casual. Didnt use it daily. The strap broke. I took it to the store at Auburn outlet manager insulted me. Said would cost me more than I paid for my purse to fix it. She quoted $98. I got my purse on sale for $150. When I said find throw it away she refused. So i had to walk across the mall to throw away the purse. A better response. Why dont we send it in for an estimate. Good thing Michael... Read more

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On June 23, I ordered the Nolita satchel in pebble leather from On June 27th, I received the wrong item in the mail package: the style they sent me was Prairie instead of Nolita. After writing to Coach customer service, I got the right bag sent to me the next day and received it as expected. However, I found the Nolita bag too small for my needs, so on July 1st, I sent both bags (the Prairie sent by mistake and the Nolita sent... Read more

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I paid $23 to send my purse (leather wearing off) and wallet zipper broken. I got an email stating my items cannot be repaired and are being sent back charging my credit card $27.05 to return to me with a 30% off coupon! I pay $50 and got a 30% off coupon! Purse bought 5/2014 and wallet bought 1/2016. When you pay over $400 on a purse and wallet you expect it to last a few years. I will never ever buy another coach product again. They do not... Read more

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Coach - Review in Luxury / Jewelry category from Omaha, Nebraska
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I have purchased a purse back in March from Tanger outlet in Williamsburg IA. As of today I had the cross strap break off of it pretty upset for the 1st expensive purse I have ever bought. I believe this type of product should have never have done this I would lile to have a replacement or free repair I am NOT ASKING FOR A REFUND even of one is needed. Please contact me either email ar or by telephone 515-770-2734. I do hope... Read more

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  • Jul 08
  • #879320

I purchased a couch purse on March 2016 and the handle/ shoulder strap is already ripped apart. Also I am having horrible time trying to close the zipper since it keeps getting stuck.!

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Do you have a strap for my bag No. KO4Q-1488? My strap was worn out.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 03
  • #876396

Went to return an online order in store- was told they could not issue refund because 'item was already returned' huh? No it was not returned. Associate allen from the Fayetteville mall in Lexington ky from that point on REFUSED to help in any way. Had to call customer service on my phone to have them tell him how to do his job- pathetic customer service. Consider your purchase final. Always.

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