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I went on line Nov 24 and purchased a bag for 124.01. Coach ran my card on the 24 and again on the 26, resulting in a pending charge sitting on my card waiting to drop off. I've contacted coach 4 times and been given the run around. I will never order online from coach again. Employees need more training. Very unknowledgable about how to treat paying customers or their own company's policies and procedures in a conflict. I was told by my card... Read more

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Coach Purse
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Please refer to the attaching photo with the purse I bought at USA about 3 years ago by US$ 218.00, however I am really disappointed that the quality of the purse is so bad cause the inner leather was seriously damage after used for about 3 years only although I was very take care of this purse,hereby I would like to make complaint against your product as I really not believe that the coach products had such no quality , kindly refer to the... Read more

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  • Oct 25
  • #943338

Coach bag handle cheap material and split and cracked. My first and last Coach bag. My Brighten bag way better quaity. Looks new after heavy use.

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My 10 year old son bought me "the most expensive and most beautiful Coach bag" (In his proud words). I was so shocked when it started falling apart literally at the seams within months. I took it back to the Coach store where he bought it with his Dad and showed it to them. I asked if I could exchange it for another one just like it and was told ""NO"".... They could send it out for repairs.... I DO NOT WANT REPAIRS... Just a new one. Rudely... Read more

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I have 3 coach purses and take very good care of them. When I bought my purse I was told that I had a lifetime guarantee and repair and would only need to pay for shipping which was $20. I double checked this last year 2015 but at that time I would have to give up my purse for 3 months right before the holidays so I decided to wait because my purse is cranberry color. Today 10/13/16 I went into the edina store in Minnesota and was told there... Read more

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After 10 plus years of buying coach hand bags , I will never buy another ..... last year i bought five hand bags one for myself , my Daughter, and my three Granddaughters ,2 of the hand bags are useable , mine the handle came apart by the threads after 6 mo of use , so I stored it in the closet,my Daughters came apart at the bottom ,she threw it in the trash, my granddaughters the i did not bother to ask them but they are not using them ,... Read more

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Coach bags are made of plastic and paper!
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I bought two COACH had bags from the Toronto Premium Outlet Mall about a 1 year ago for my niece, and found out they are just made of paper and plastic. The label says it is made of finest materials trimmed with leather. The strip was first broken for both of the bags. This makes me angry! Are these counterfeit products or real COACH? I bought them from the COACh store at the Toronto Premium Outlet Mall. I have thrown away the smaller one, and... Read more

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Coach - Poor sewing
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I bought 2 handbags that had such bad sewing the one bag started to come un done the first day i carried it so i checked the other and the sewing was just as bad i contacted the company which is only an email and received on back saying so sorry but they said nothing about returning my money or sending replacement bags I think this company is ripping people off I found out that my credit card payment was processed to someone in China? I do not... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 30
  • #910313

I have purchased 11 Coach purses and unfortunately they fall apart but they used to back the products. I was shocked when i took my purse in today wirh a cracked strap, i even had the receipt and was told so sorry.....nothing we can do

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I echo many other comments regarding Coach not having replacement straps for their bags made with patent leather. I took three products that I had bought as a set at one of their factory outlet stores because the leather straps cracked. No apologies given or offer to discount a store product. I was told that they knew it was a poor product and there was nothing they could do. No apology given. I will not be buying any more Coach products. I... Read more

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