Coach Offices, today my family and i went to your Las Vegas Premium Outlet store. My wife goes nuts in the store just falling in love with everything! I was able to get her down to buying only 5 bags! Phew! Well she also wanted a iPhone case, the outlet only had the iPhone5 and said try across the way in coach men's, they may have them.. What? They have a men's store too? Ok! So after I walk into the men's store I find all sorts of "trinket" gifts to buy for family members.. And.. They have only one iPhone 4 case left.. Over in the 65% off section, leather, ocean blue.. Banged up.. No retail box, no tags.. Just loose.. Kinda well... it's a outlet ok.. And the 65% section is a total toss items in the corner pile,make it look like its well.. Givin it away at a yardsale pile(pictures upon request as I won't attach files so you can read this)I come up with a few neat items..1. Metal hammer coach leather handle (there last one)price at discount 29.99 then would be 65% off.. $10.50 for a trinket for my father who manages a well known hardware store. 2. Keychain of a screw driver Philips and flat head.. Another great stocking stuffer.. Marked 19.99 then 10% off.. Retail tag read $483. Another keychain, myself.. Some silly robot character.. Thought it was neat.. Same deal 19.99 plus 10% off4. These coach "leathermens" they were the folded up pliers in the coach leather buckle thing.. 29.99 then 10% off.. Great two of these another trinket for dad and the friend who helped me put in my baseboards..5. Then these slippers I thought were another great gift for dad.. There were leather coach bottoms and wool socks.. Retail $98 and they had for $69 and another sale on top of that.. It was sale on sale on sale..

So I am at the register and looking over this iPhone case.. It was priced at $12.60 (they located a price via the computer as it was not marked) it was pretty wore.. But hey a case at Ross or tj max is still 8-10$.. So I asked if she could do the case for $10.. Just as its no retail box, no cool coach price sticker(to show its not some knockoff) nothing.. Plus it's been thrown around for who know how many years.. And ocean blue.. Well.. The manager "Heather was so adamant that its 12.60 and there is no way it's going to $10 even if it was snapped in two. A little gruff but ok.. December is busy.. So I tried a new approach.. Letting her know 50 feet across the store in the woman's side they were 19.99 - 50% then minus 40% then minus 10% total $8.55 for a new iPhone 5 in a sealed case! She then really stood her ground and its 12.60 and that's final! Ok.. So I decided not to buy the $150 worth of trinkets and its all the (made in china) stuff.. Huge mark ups! For $2.60.. I really felt like I was kicked in the gut! I had spent $576.43 just across the way.. On these items from the SAME company! I had to really see if she believed they were $8.55, 50 feet away.. So I went there.. Bought it.. And came back to the mens store and returned it.. She put up a fight that they cannot accept women's items in the men's etc.. And I verified it before I bought it so I wasn't stuck with it.. (This time I was prepared.. Recorded her on the phone.. Nasty nasty attitude.. (Again can upload to you or Facebook to view to here her go off) she final sees she is being recorded and oops.. Ok this one time only never again I will credit u back $8.55 for the iPhone case. Phew.. To test it out further I asked to buy the iPhone again for not matching.. But $10.. Nope.. So I decided again not to buy the other items.. But you just can't make this stuff up so I bought the $12.60 case and returned it 50 feet away to women's to get a receipt to show you!

I really would like these items, and I understand coach, if someone who saw I spent 576 plus about 150 more..$725.. And I think 2.60 was so minor.. I think I kinda fed off how nasty she became over that small amount so I do accept blame for the 30 minutes of pure waste. But a person just can't make this up that a manager acts like this at a high end retailer. Maybe if I'm at Ross or Marshall it's expected.. I just had to get the video and receipts over this amount she could not budge or (by the way she acted) coach was not going to make Decembers rent.

It's a long email and I am sorry.. I will wrap it up.I have the bags.. I don't think I can convince my wife to return them.. I have convinced her to allow me to email and await your reply as I told her this is what I think how coach will reply:

Dear sir, sorry etc.. We talked to manager, please forgive her, she had divorce or something just minutes before u walked in and it was just bad timing.. That's all we all have that in life. We would like you (ur wife)to enjoy the bags and hopefully more to come in the years and via word of mouth.. 2nd we know the items you are talking about and would like to sell them to you and understand we will not make you return to the store..Here are the items.. This is the price..etc.. Oh and by the way.. We were able to locate a beat up case for iphone4 but will honor that $10 price..

Again.. I would like to purchase the items I saw.. They were pretty neat. But I do not want to return to the store.. Yes I made a point.. And the video is great to show my managers how not to act.. Even if u really do have to stay firm on a price..

Again, I never made a scene, I did do the buy and return which annoyed but could not persuade $2.60..

My receipt number is: trans no. 97138 and the barcode no. Is 09713805141012072013I have the other receipt no. But I assume you can gather the story if you follow up with your store. No 05144 and 05141..

It's over $2.60.. This email cost me more in billable hours then this.. It's about how your store manager treated someone who just spent $576 in your store and wanting to give you more of my money.

I will await a response.Thank you!

Monetary Loss: $725.

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People with no class like you don't understand the concept of high end brands. You might have enough money to buy Coach items, but your manners and attitude are the level of garage sales or flea markets.

People like you brought down the quality of the Coach products and services. You get what you pay for, and you didn't pay for class and integrity.


You are that really annoying customer that sales people don't want to deal with especially during Christmas. Stay out of women's stores. Keep shopping at Home Depot....

Hoboken, New Jersey, United States #778183

Sorry, you are loser who has nothing better to do than waste time of someone who most likely has no power whatsoever to affect the price put in the computer system.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #754659

You sound like you are a real smart aleck and definitely NOT someone a sane person would want as a relative.

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