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I purchased a golden-color Coach bag 2 years ago, rarely carry it because I have many other handbags as well. I stored it in the closet as usual with other items.

I live in Michigan and it is cool and dry most of the year. I noticed it started to have a few black dots outside of the bag this Spring, but I didn't pay a lot of attention to them because they were to obvious. Then 3 months later, when I took out the bag again, I found the black dots are all over the bag. I took it back to the outlet store at Great Lake Crossing in Auburn Hills, MI.

The woman so-called "manager" Karyn Montalvo looked at it, and states "I have never seen something like that in the past. I don't know what it is, but it is not manufacturing defect, so we can't take it back". I ask her, "If you don't know what it is, how can you be so sure it is of manufacturing defect?" I swear I didn't spill anything or spray anything on it. She claims since she doesn't know what the cause is, she can assume that is my fault, instead of theirs.

I used to think Coach makes good products. But now I really hate this company. They send you 30% coupons everyday all year long, trying to sell their products. When they discount their products, they discount their quality.

And the staff they hire are just trash like quality.

Stay away from this company, they are cheap, not keeping their promise of "lifetime warranty" by making up all kinds of excuses.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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I get so frustrated with customers like you. Buy a cheap outlet handbag, use it for two years and let it sit in a non ventilated closet then when you realize you ft mold or a color transfer, you want a new one.

SORRY. Coach will fix your stitching and hardware. That's it. If you want people to bend over backwards for you shop at Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Spend a couple thousand...... You bought outlet. They are not made with the same leather as the full price bags.

They're factory. Factory price , factory quality.

Tampa, Florida, United States #724092

I have that same handbag. I figured it would experience normal wear and tear. I just use it as an overnight bag because the C's on the bottom are worn.


but let me guess....until this, they were the most fantastic overpriced store and you loved them......sorry, your just lookin for a free lunch.....go run to gucchi.....

Seattle, Washington, United States #718092

Leaving your leather bag in a poorly ventilated closet for 2 years resulting in what is quite likely mold is your personal fault, and no retailer big or small is obligated to accept a return for a damaged item.

Also, Coach does not have a "lifetime warranty"; Coach guarantees it's stitching and hardware for the lifetime of the *item*. This is to protect the customer from manufacturer defect, and the company from dishonest/neglectful/ignorant customers.

Not a day goes by when I don't witness a customer attempting to return a (sometimes heavily) used or damaged bag because they pick the words "lifetime" and "warranty" out of a sentence and take that to mean they can get a new bag for free when they don't want their old one anymore, and then throw a temper-tantrum like yours when they don't get their way.

Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #714457

Any leather product will always have some moisture in them. Shoes, handbags, luggage stored in a closet without proper ventilation can mold or get mildew spots.

This is not a problem with vinyl or plastic products.

If you have quality leather items they must be stored in well ventilated areas.


Honestly? 2 years ago it was purchased.

Why should they return it! That's madness.

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