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I have been buying coach purses for multiple years now and I have been given them as gifts by family members and absolutely fell in love… I am absolutely POSITIVE they had a lifetime warranty IN THE PAST because I have been able to have a purse credit because mine was unable to be repaired… Now I am being told that there is only a one year warranty and that this is always been the policy… I explained to the representative that this is absolutely untrue because in the past I have had a purse that was over a year old and received a full credit for the purse. I wasn't even looking at that time to have a full credit for the purse but they insisted because the purse that I had was damaged and was no longer in stock and for whatever reason I don't believe they felt they could repair it in fact I don't even think they cared about repairing it they were extremely generous about offering a credit to replace the purse because they stand by their product… OR DID!???....

NOW they absolutely insisted that I was out of my mind and that they have never had a lifetime guarantee well I would like to know how I received a full credit at one time for a purse that was a few years old that was unable to be repaired due to nothing I had done to it and or out of stock and now I am being told if they decide they cannot repair it you're just completely out the money… As simple as that no further discussion no options.

These purses are a great deal of money and loyal customers are willing to pay a lot of money and after one year for purses that are anywhere from $300 up to $1000 or more they should not be falling apart after one year !!--and if they are that is why many of us customers have continued to buy because we knew if something went wrong we could get the purse replaced or at least repaired… I am so disappointed I even have email documentation showing the transaction that happened and was still told that I am wrong and that they have never had the lifetime guarantee well that's funny because I absolutely have it and when I suggested sending it I was shut down I don't know what is going on ?? I know I am not the first person having this problem and I understand if this had been the policy all along but certainly don't tell long time loyal customers that you never had a lifetime guarantee you can say you have changed your policy, you can say whatever you want but don't make people feel like they are liars !

Product or Service Mentioned: Coach Handbag.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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The old “lifetime warranty” that Coach customers grew to stand behind was for the lifetime of the bag, not yours. 3-5 years for a leather bag, 2-3 years for a fabric bag. With proper care (don’t carry fifteen pounds in a bag, moisturize your leather, don’t let your kid throw up in it, don’t drag it through the mud), a Coach leather piece should last for a very, very long time.


YEs they did have a life time warranty. NOW its a joke

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