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I started noticing that the thread was undoing and the leather on the sides of the strap started peeling off. Eventually peeled more and now the straps look horrible.

Misguided by the coach employees I paid an additional $20 to send the purse to the coach repair. I was informed via email my purse could not be repaired. Obviously upset, I called the customer service and they explained that coach repair does not have straps to replace them on my purse. So there is no point in paying more money to send your purses to the coach repair, you will just lose out on more money.

It is ridiculous that Coach Employees are misguiding and tricking their customers into paying for repairs that the employees know coach is unable to repair. I wonder how many people they have ripped off. As for myself I will no longer buy coach products. It it ridiculous for the straps of a $325 purse to come undone when I have less expensive purses that are completely intact.

This would be my second purse damaged. The first purse the strap came off from the purse. As a consolation I received a 40% coupon on a single item purchase. They are ridiculous!!!!

Do they seriously think I will purchase another purse!!! No thank you Coach!!! I will never again purchase any coach products!!!!

It means nothing to carry around a purse with a coach logo. As a customer you expect good quality for that price and coach only provides Low Quality Products.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $325. This person is overall dissatisfied with Coach. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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My purse is a $450.00 purse. I am glad I read your comment because my straps have fell apart also.

I have not used it in a year and decided to send it in for repair but now I know it will be no good. No I won't buy another Coach neither.


My coach bag is.in perfect shape minus the poorly made straps. My daughter bought this as a really special birthday gift for me.

I was hoping that issue of ravelling straps would be repaired.

Reading some comments Im nervous if this issue will be addressed, but will try. It makes the bag appear awful and cheap when in fact it was nearly $200.


I have a Coach bag also that the straps are peeling and the stitching is coming apart. It looks horrible.

This should not happen to an expensive handbag!

I was so mad because of poor quality, I went out and bought a Michael Kors bag. Never buying a Coach bag again!


I have a coach purse I’m take back this week if the don’t give me a new one or fix this one I will call BBB An will go to Consumers because couch is listed as one of the companies that will fix any purse .That’s why I buy Bahinm bag thanks for your information

Manchester Township, New Jersey, United States #1337275

On the other hand I bought a wallet and it ripped and they gave me a new one right away at the coach outlet.

Manchester Township, New Jersey, United States #1337274

I have the same problem with my purse and matching wallet. I have sought out help yet.

Bettendorf, Iowa, United States #1312407

Great same thing is happening to mine!! My strap is doit same thi g and looks horrible so i just got in to see what i need to do and obviously is a waste of time!


I totally agree. I have over 30 coach purses and they used to trade them out right there in the store, however my wallet and purse came apart I just recieved them in the mail stating they could do nothing and gave me a 40% off coupon. Needless to say I will NEVER buy from them again :)


I'm sorry that the Coach employees misinformed you...

The Coach repair service only when it's something they CAN repair.

Here are a few things they should've mentioned to you:

1. The repair itself is FREE - the $20 you pay is shipping ($10 to the repair place $10 back to your home)

2. They can only repair stitching and hardware on the bag itself. Your straps fraying is because the binding came off on the sides - not the stitching (which I get you...

It doesn't look pretty)


A voucher of some sort should've have been given to you because they couldn't repair the bag... I have gotten lots of my bags repaired from Coach and they have done any amazing job - it's just you have to know what they can repair.

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