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I ordered 3 Madison Coach wallets as Christmas gifts last December. After 2 months the one I gave my daughter began to pull apart at the seam where the zipper was sewn to the leather, obviously a defect when the wallet was made.

I took the wallet back to the Coach store and they said there was nothing they could do to fix it. I wrote an email to Coach explaining my problem and did not even receive the courtesy of a reply.

I counted 8 Coach bags in my closet, not to mention the Coach products I have given as gifts over the past few years, however, I have purchased my last Coach product. If you buy a defective Coach product, you are stuck with it!!!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Michael kors doesn't do returns either. Stop complaining!

It's not like you spent hundreds of dollars.... You bought it at an outlet..

There's a reason why it's such a good sale. It's cheap but people continue to buy...

Houston, Texas, United States #683407

Wow, This is my second attempt to post a comment. I suppose I was giving too much detail so I will give only the nuts and bolts necessary. Do not purchase coach, their customer service is at minimal fair, and the quality of the product can be deceiving. I have two handbags one I've never had a issue with the last one has begun to unravel and it's less than year old (11 months). It can't be repaired, and I can only be given a store credit. I suppose that sounds good, but that means giving my money back to

COACH when they having proven themselves worhty of my money. If I no longer wish to do business with a merchant due to my dissatisfaction, I feel I should be given a credit for my purchases that are proven to be defective. Purchasing another handbag means adding more money for the purchase of a new bag....which in my mind means risking another defect return, and then the vicious cycle begins a gain..spend more money to make another purchase. Enough is enough, my advice for what it's worth is to be very careful not to make any outlet purchases and if it is a regular price store, DO NOT SPEND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS BECAUSE IF IT DOES BECOME DEFECTIVE YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE A STORE CREDIT...LET'S BE WISE AND NOT WASTE OUR MONEY!

simply humble

Eugene, Oregon, United States #681218

Coach sucks I got a wristlet in Feb 214 & the zipper has broke coach told me I needed to pay shipping plus a fee to look at the bag. Really are you kidding this place thinks there that good.

What happened to the guarantee?

I know your just been guaranteed to be f%$#@d over!!!!! :x

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